21% Of Homeowners Have Fitted Their Own Double Glazing!

Fitting aluminium windows and double glazing in place in a home can be a tough job to complete,unless you work with REAL aluminium to make it as easy as child’s play.

So spare a thought for the 21 per cent of homeowners out there brave enough to attempt this particular job themselves!

New research from GoCompare Home Insurance has just revealed that there are all sorts of home improvement jobs that people are happy to try and tackle themselves… and while it’s certainly fine for them to do interior redecoration work or make over the garden, it is a bit concerning perhaps that they’re also keen to try and do bigger tasks that could easily go awry.

When at a potential customer’s house, it might be a good idea to find out if they’re planning on doing the work themselves and what level of experience they may have in this regard. If they say they’ve done it once and intend to rely on YouTube videos to help them from start to finish, you might want to advise them to think again.

Making mistakes with DIY can prove incredibly costly, so do point this out– and no one wants to invest in beautiful new windows only for them to fall out of the frames and smash, wasting both time and cash.

Since April 2002, building regulations have been in place where replacement glazing is concerned and it’s likely that homeowners won’t be aware of their responsibilities in this regard when replacing their windows themselves.

Registered installers will be fully approved to carry out the work, ensuring that it complies with these regulations without having to involve local authority building controls.

If your customer is still determined to press ahead with the work themselves, at the very least make sure that they tell their insurance company that they are doing significant work to the property – and that they’re doing it themselves.

Insurance policies can be invalidated if insurance companies aren’t notified of any building work and if something happens it’s possible that the homeowner won’t be covered… and they could be left seriously out of pocket as a result.

No doubt the customer you’re speaking to is concerned with sticking to a budget so do point out as well that although it might seem like it would be the cheaper option to fit the glazing themselves, there’s an awful lot that can go wrong during the process.

It’s not a quick job that can be done in an afternoon and they are likely to struggle with it – and with winter just around the corner, no one wants to have a house with gaping holes instead of glass keeping them warm and snug.

The REAL Aluminium team are always on hand to assist with any support and technical questions you may have regarding the installation of your new products to avoid any mistakes.