Installers Makes Giant Strides with REAL Aluminium

The REAL Aluminium installer support programme has caught the attention of installers throughout the UK. And with more new installers signing up to join the scheme, the network is growing all the time, says Claire Miller, Customade Group’s marketing director.

REAL Aluminium has marked an incredible year of growth with figures revealing that more installers are leaping ahead after discovering the secrets of REAL Aluminium. Demand has grown at a remarkable rate with the number of new installers making the advance to REAL growing by nearly 80% and sales of aluminium from new devotees increasing by 160%.

We’re delighted with these terrific results which prove that REAL Aluminium is breaking new ground with installers that haven’t tapped into aluminium before. A growing number of firms are turning to REAL Aluminium as an easy way to enter the world of aluminium and grow their business with our guidance and support to help them all the way.

Many installers are nervous about aluminium because, historically, it was difficult and complex to price and the lead times were painfully long. Our goal is to help them unlock the enormous potential of aluminium and benefit from higher profit margins by giving them all the tools they need to take their first steps into aluminium.

The REAL package has attracted installers of all sizes because it gives them a clear competitive advantage, delivering a host of resources that will help them leap into aluminium with complete confidence.

The level of support we provide has enticed many installers to REAL Aluminium and it starts with our comprehensive showroom and award-winning marketing package. Developed to complement our market-leading product range, this package has been proven to help installers generate leads and convert more sales.

One of the most powerful elements of the marketing package is the luxurious REAL Aluminium brochure, which is the UK’s only retail brochure dedicated to the full range of aluminium fenestration products. Covering every element of an installation, the brochure gives homeowners ideas that they may not have previously thought of or even realised were possible. Our customers report that it helps with homeowner decision-making and it has proved to be a fantastic aid in the overall sales process.

Our results-driven marketing package provides installers with everything they need to successfully market themselves, from personalised sales brochures, advertising, digital marketing support, direct mail, retail leaflets and showroom display graphics. The expert REAL Aluminium marketing team also guides installers through their marketing strategy, including advice on social media, and will develop a tailored programme to help them sell REAL Aluminium.

Another element of our installer support package that many customers have taken advantage is the REAL Aluminium pricing and quoting software, which is the fastest way to price and quote aluminium. Those installers that have switched from lengthy outsourced pricing, have all benefitted from being able to produce quotes instantly in-house, which is a huge advantage to them.

Our technical and business support helps installers go from strength to strength and one popular component of this is our unique REAL customer experience day, which all REAL installers are invited to attend. At our customer days, we answer any questions about aluminium and talk through all the resources that are on offer to support installers. This programme has been enormously successful, helping hundreds of installers to increase their aluminium sales.

We have a busy schedule of these experience days planned for 2018 and many new installers have already signed up to hear more about our innovative products, ongoing support and sales and marketing expertise.

We’re always looking at new ways to help our installers and, with our unrivalled marketing, technical and after sales support package, we’re excited to be a part of their growth.

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